Glorietta 1 - LED Display Video Wall

In spite of the pandemic, we're very grateful for the trust of local businesses. We have been tapped to design and install the LED video wall of this Straightforward store in Glorietta 1, Makati City.

This first LED Wall is 3-sided and located at the store front of this beautiful store. This LED Video wall is put to conceal a fixed column. The LED panels covers around 7 square meters, and uses a P2.5 pixel pinch. Given its fixed nature, this LED video wall will have an iron cabinet to house the software and the hardware necessary to run this Display LED screen in the Philippines.

LED Wall Makati

The second LED Wall is by the counter of the store. We customized the LED Wall to the exact dimensions required by the interior designer. Pixel pinch is also P2.5. What truly made the customer happy with this project is the competitive pricing we shared with them. LED Wall Panels also allow the store design team to add unparalleled engagement with the store's customers. The store is set to open July 2021.

LED Display Wall Makati Philippines