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We can design + install LED Wall and LED Screens that make the walls and sites we become present at to be fully festive + alive. As a trusted LED screen panel supplier in the Philippines, our design and technical team studies the optimal count and pixel pinch of video wall panels to give you the most value for money. We also provide easy maintenance and support to ensure that your display screens are running your content the best way possible. We’d like to share with you these new and breakthrough applications of LED Video Walls and Digital Display Screens today. Click here or on the photo below to view our entire catalog.

BloomLED Display Catalog

Can you help me with designing our LED Video wall or LED Digital Display screen?

Yes. In fact, we designed, installed, and continually maintain LED Screens we use internally for our organization in the Philippines. Selecting the correct LED Screen Panel for your application is one of the first important steps to ensuring cost efficiency. Whether it's for an indoor LED wall or an outdoor LED screen, our team has the required years of experience to ensure that we are offering the latest and the most breakthrough solution for your LED screen. From simple LED wall designs to any high-level custom LED wall display, we will never run out of sharing new and unique LED Wall design ideas for you.

How to work with your team?

We don't work with any minimum order requirement for LED walls, but the lead time is around 60 days including installation. This includes the first 30 days of customizing your LED Wall and LED screen according to your needed dimensions plus another 30 days to have it shipped from our factory. Our LED wall and LED screen delivery and installation team can install from the very north of the Philippines to the very south. Get in touch with us and let's begin work!

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