Smart White Board

Welcome to a brighter way to share ideas, whether you're in the classroom or the office. Our Smart Whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the thrill of interactive technology. It’s more than just a board; it serves as an interactive hub for learning, presenting, and brainstorming, available in various sizes to fit your needs—55", 65”, 75”, 86”, and 98''.

This all-in-one tool incorporates the functions of a projector, electronic whiteboard, TV, computer, tablet, set-top box, and audio system. Features like touch-based interaction, wireless sharing, video calling, and a natural IR writing experience come alive on a stunning 4K Ultra HD display. Anti-glare technology, security features, and extensive connectivity options, including WiFi and Bluetooth, make it the perfect choice for enhancing presentations and learning environments by making technology simple and engaging.

The responsive touch screen of this smart board turns every touch into action, making it easy to draw, write, and interact with your content. It's ideal for keeping students engaged and making office meetings more dynamic.

Designed for anyone looking to bring a spark to their presentations and lessons, our Smart Whiteboard is clear, easy to use, and affordable, putting advanced technology within everyone's reach.

Step into a world where your ideas can truly shine. Our Smart Whiteboard is ready to transform your space into a vibrant center of creativity and collaboration. Get ready to make an impact with the touch of a finger.

Specifications can vary depending on the use. You have an idea in mind? Let’s work together. You can also email us at or give us a call at +63905 272 0290 or +63945 602 0779.

These are wonderful choices to customize!